My Story

Personal Side Of Teresa

  • Grew up in Huntsville
  • Mother to Alyssa and Grandmother to Ethan
  • Love travel and genealogy
  • Chinese food lover
  • Book worm and Canadian History Buff

Professional Side Of Teresa

  • I am an entrepreneur, I love to create and dream
  • People person and great customer service knowledge
  • Love to listen to people and hear their dreams
  • Have worked at Muskoka Heritage Place as a costumed 1896 narrator for over 5 years
  • Have worked as Mrs. Claus at Huntsville Place Mall for over 2 years and love interacting with children

Passionate Side Of Teresa

  • I am passionate about life; it should be lived to the fullest every day and being the best in all I do
  • Passionate about offering whatever I can from my skills for my family and friends